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Mikey Lucas is a Fund Manager at American Energy Fund, American Business and the owner of other companies as Exit Academy and Road to Golden Door. He stands at the forefront in the energy space focusing on oil, gas and solar resources, he has a decade over as an entrepreneur with a transformative impact. His journey began at SolarCity, it ignited his commitment to advance in energy solutions as got involved in Tesla Energy.

Mikey Lucas has cemented his status as an industry authority after being the founder of 8-figure residential solar companies, furthermore he has enhanced the growth of over 260 firms as business development consultant. He plays a crucial role in leading the American Energy Fund’s strategic and business initiatives.

As a speaker and author, Mikey is dedicated to break down generational barriers and championing financial independence, he has a wide audience through his Golden Door Formula Podcast as engages with top-tier sales professionals. . Through his spirituality, faith and positive mindset he is committed to foster change and inspire a global audience towards a more sustainable future and change their lives.

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