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What’s up, Rich Person?

You feel alone, distracted, not sure this is going to work but at the same time you know you are destined for greatness and you need someone to see you, add structure and hold you accountable to the best version of you.

MIKEY LUCAS is a speaker, entrepreneur, author, podcast host and mentor to many around money. Before he could become all of these incredible things, he was knocking on doors, starting in 2013. He knocked his way through multiple solar companies becoming one of the most reputable young names in the Door to Door community. Not many people can say they pivoted from knocking on someone’s door to gracing their stage or the cover of entrepreneur magazine, but Mikey can. He attests this success mainly to his purpose driven lifestyle, which he now mentors others in. His passion on this planet is to encourage men nationwide, and worldwide to break generational curses and establish financial freedom.

Yeah- you. If you’re reading this, chances are, you are feeling like you could do better with your finances. But.. it doesn’t have to be. I can teach you how to take control. To find clarity. To grow wealth. To know your worth. To be independent. To dream up a life that will be fulfilling & then take the steps to make it happen. It’s all possible. Trust me. I’ve helped thousands of people get their money in order and make that money grow.

Coaching sessions with Mikey

$5,500 USD

$20,000 USD

$35,000 USD

  • One-on-one, virtual meeting with Mikey Lucas
  • 1 hr session
  • Ask Mikey anything
  • Action plan established by Mikey
  • Hard line truth that is need to change to reach maximum potential.
  • Strictly confidential
  • Advice about personal life and relationships, business, financial
  • Customized strategy to get you back on your Apex moment.

$20,000 USD