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Money Resources

Here are the tools
I used to get my Money Right!

Money Management

HYSA (High Yielding Savings Account)

Stop keeping your savings in a regular checking or savings account. Open a HYSA instead. They earn 50x more interest than a traditional savings account. This is where I keep my Reserve Money, Fun Coupons, Tax money, Vacation and Asset buying power accounts.

Relationships Withlding Savings Account)

I like to call these the “Big 4″… American Express, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America. Having one of 2 is fine just make sure to avoid paying monthly fees if you don’t meet minimum requirements from these banks. That $10-$15 adds up over the years.

American Express Platinum


Online Brokerage

When building my online portfolio, I use Robinhood and Schwab. Robinhood is more for simple buy and holds and Schwab for some more advanced swaps and other trades.


I got turned onto this company 6 years ago and have had great success with it. I personally add between $25-$250 a week. I started small then automated the bigger amount and I don’t even notice it coming out. The key is automating it! This app also was were I learned my risk tolerance.

Book List

Reading is the best money tool!

A good book about finance will change your life. (And a good book about life will change your finances…). These are my favorites! They have helped me shift my money mindset and I know will help shift yours too!

Top Book list